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Cliffside Park Towne Centre Redevelopment Updates:

May 11, 2016

Permanent water lines are connected. Fire lines are connected and inspected. Drains, sprinklers, and electric are working on residential floor 6. Duct work is on residential floor 8. Apartment water lines are being installed on residential floor 3. Shafts are being rocked on residential floor 3. Apartment electric(outlets and switch boxes) is being installed on residential floor 3. Electric mains are being pulled on residential floor 6. Blocking for framing is being installed on residential floor 2. The generator pad at the west center side of the site is ready to be poured. Panels are being set at the southwest corner along Lawton Ave. and Glen Ave. Steel is ready for plank on the 12 th floor. Plank and steel should be completed by the end of June. At this time second shift will end and panels will be installed during the day hours. The garage ramp coming in from Lawton Ave. should be completed by the end of May. That will complete the ramp area. The perimeter areas along the ramp area has been cleaned and graded. The Glen Ave. access road is to be returned to a residential home with no access to the Town Centre.

May 5, 2016

Apartment water lines are being installed on residential floor 4. Drain lines are up to residential floor 6. Sprinkler lines are being installed on residential floor 6. Electrician is running wire on residential floor 3. Elevator block walls are up to residential floor 9. Metal framing is being installed on residential floor 7. Shafts are being sheet rocked on residential floors 1 and 2. The mock up apartment on residential floor 1 has fixtures and cabinets being installed. The hallway here has been sheet rocked. Exterior stairs on Lawton Ave. have been poured. The garage ramp has been poured up to the plaza level, leaving the section entering from Lawton Ave. the only piece left to do. Panels and columns have been set on the southwest corner/lobby area. Planks are set for the 11th floor. Steel is going up for the 12th floor. The main permanent water hook up is nearly complete.

April 25, 2016

Water lines all set for permanent connection. Steel is going up for 11th floor. All exterior concrete stairs are to be poured this Wednesday. Metal framing is started on the 7th floor. The fire proofer is setting tarps for spraying the 8th floor. Panels are being set at the southwest corner during night shift. Bathtubs and shower bases are being installed on mezzanine and residential floor 1. Electricians are running main feeders on mezzanine and residential floor 1.

April 21, 2016

The 10th floor panels are installed and grouted. Steel is going up for residential floor 11. Panels are being installed for the rear lobby/plaza level. Work at this location takes extra time due to the rear over hang restricting the cranes reach. This is the only section with that situation. Panels are being installed on second shift work going from 4:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. weekdays. The fire proofer is near completion on the south tower. Exterior stairs are being formed for concrete. Interior work is continuing.

April 18, 2016

The 10th floor planks have been installed. Front panels came in and were installed on Anderson Ave. plaza level on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th. Panels span the plaza, 2 mezzanine floors and reach residential floor 1. North center steel stairs from the garage levels to the plaza and mezzanine levels have been installed. The parking garage ramp has been framed with corrugated decking up to the plaza level. Plumbers have water lines being installed up to residential floor 2 and drain lines up to residential floor 4. Permanent water line from the street are near complete and almost ready to hook into the building. Duct work is being installed up to residential floor 7. Metal framing is nearly complete on residential floor 6. Some sheet rock has been installed on residential floor 1 for a mock up apartment and hallway. Some shaft walls have been sheet rocked on the mezzanine floors and residential floor 1. Metal stairs are following the planks and are up to residential floor 10. PSE&G is rerouting some outside electric lines. Steel structural work is expected to be completed in 6 weeks.

April 12, 2016

A fire hydrant is being installed on Lawton Ave. Steel is going up for the 10th floor deck. Garage ramp work is being done on Saturday’s as to not interfere with crane operations during the week.Concrete pads on the plaza level around columns have been poured. Framing continues on residential floor 6. Front face panels are expected to arrive on Monday 4 / 18. All utilities are moving forward.

February 8, 2016

All areas on the plaza level have now been poured and stripped except a small section at the Anderson Ave. entrance area. Deck is swept clean. Block work at this area has been completed to grade. Metal framing is being done on residential floors 3 & 4. Planks are being set for the sixth floor. Steel is being readied for the next level. Sprinkler pipes are being run into the first floor residential apartments. Pipe for the residential floors will be plastic. Steel stacks are installed up to the fifth floor. The fire proofer is finishing the fourth floor and preparing to move up. Metal doors have been delivered. Metal door bucks in block walls in the garages are being installed. The hoist tower has begun installation and will be done this week. Workers are parking their cars on the second floor garage level gaining access from the north side access road Anderson Avenue entrance.

February 4, 2016

The north access road has been paved to the garage entrance. Decorative perimeter wall at the north and west sides of the building, running along the access road, has been installed. The garage ramp poured foundation walls are complete and stripped. The ramp area is being cleaned with materials and debris being removed. There is a small area on the east side of the plaza level yet to be poured. All other sections of the plaza level have been poured and stripped. The level is broom swept clean. Masons are still laying block at different locations throughout the garage levels. Planks are being set for the Sixth floor. Core cutting continues for the ventilation shafts up to the fifth floor. The fire proofer is spraying on the fourth floor. This floor has been completely tarped and is being heated so the spray does not freeze. Sheetrock and metal studs are being loaded on the fourth floor. Metal framing is continuing on the third residential floor. Layout is complete on the fourth floor. Door bucks have been delivered to the site. Electricians continue to energize the permanent power in the garages. More conduits have been run to the transformer area at the north side of the site. Conduits have been run from the site along the west access road to Glen Ave. A utility pole is scheduled to be installed on Glen Ave. by PSE&G today or tomorrow. Electricians are to begin installing boxes on the metal framing this week. The hoist tower is to begin installation next week. The ground floor garage level is dry and broom swept. No water has come up there since the broken water pipe was repaired last week, even after yesterday’s heavy rains and the melting snow. The weather has been unusually warm the past week melting majority of the remaining snow.

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